Launched in 2015

330 Bed accommodations

Nestled in the Smart City

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Our accommodation

Designed and set up for a conducive environment to study and relax.



Located on a floor of 6 bedrooms, with private bathroom & balcony each. 

The En-suite bedroom is the perfect option with greater space to relax and study.

Size of the single bedroom + Balcony: 14.9 m2.

Price details:

 MUR 14,860 applicable for lease period of less than 10 months. 

MUR 13,600 applicable for lease period of 10 months or more. 




This is our most affordable single bedroom option. Our comfort bedroom is a fine representation of the experience of a learning-living community. This option is equipped with shared bathrooms and private balcony.

Size of the single bedroom + Balcony: 10.5 m2. 

Price details:

MUR 11,380 applicable for lease period of less than 10 months,

MUR 10,400 applicable for lease period of 10 months or more.


Residence Facilities

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Cleaning Services

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Common Kitchen

Halal Kitchen

Support Team

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Dining Area

BBQ Area

Equipped Lounge

Residence Facilities



Residence Facilities Supplementary


Water Distributor


Residence Facilities


Meal Plan

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Around the residences

The Student Life Residences is well surrounded with numerous amenities, institutions and the wonders of the west coast.






What our residents say

I chose to stay at SLR because of the close proximity to the Middlesex University which is located right across the road. I also highly appreciate the surrounding facilities, situated nearby. The Magenta Park is a great place to take an evening walk under the beautiful Mauritian sunset after a long day studying.

Cascavelle Shopping Mall is also a great place to shop and chill and it is within walking distance; not to mention SPARC Gym where we benefit from a special Resident Package!


Munyaradzi Matowanyika

Student Life Residences has proved to be a welcoming environment where I felt at ease from the very first day I arrived. The diversity amongst residents made me feel comfortable and respected when integrating a new culture. The services offered at the residences allow me to enjoy my independence while feeling completely safe.

The student lounge has a cozy vibe, where you can chill together with the rest of the residents while watching TV, cooking together in an equipped kitchen. I can bake, cook, and grill anything I crave.

Nauras Ahmed Ally

SLR provides a friendly social community allowing the students and residents to get to know each other and provide each other support when needed. The comfort room is very enjoyable. I appreciate that the bed faces the window that provides amazing lighting and a breathtaking view. I like that the closet provided in the room allows me to fit all of my belongings.

My room has a beautiful view on the iconic mountains of the West, blue lagoon of Tamarin, Magenta Park, and great sunsets every day! This amongst other factors relating to the way the residency operates are what make my living experience pleasurable and unique.

Tanyaradzwa Mapara

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